MicroVita® Probiotic Kit

The MicroVita® Kit contains two probiotics/prebiotics formulated to support focus, attention, healthy gut function, and proper dopamine and serotonin regulation.

MicroVita® Focus contains six probiotic strains that support attention and focus, while MicroVita® Mood contains six probiotic strains that support mood and emotional regulation. This probiotic kit provides healthy bacteria the gut needs as it utilizes the gut-brain axis to influence various normal mental processes and phenomena involved with mental and neurological health.

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Accentrate® Gummy

Accentrate® Gummy provides a combination of high-quality lipids and vitamins to help manage inattention, emotional dysregulation, and hyperactivity for children who struggle to swallow pills.

Accentrate® Gummy contains the same premium ingredients as Accentrate®, with the addition of tyrosine—the amino acid precursor to dopamine—and Vitamin C, which is also necessary for proper neurotransmitter regulation. Like Accentrate®, the gummy is formulated for individuals under 110 lbs.
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Accentrate® Contains
Brain Ready Nutrition

Accentrate® is a natural, scientifically-formulated combination of lipids and vitamins designed to address lipid imbalances and support proper regulation of neurotransmitters needed for optimal cognition, including memory, attention, and focus.
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MZI - Magnesium, Zinc & Iron

MZI is a mineral capsule that contains bioavailable forms of Magnesium, Zinc, and Iron that do not cause gastrointestinal issues. The capsules may be opened and the contents mixed with food-it is mostly tasteless. MZI is different than Accentrate® because it doesn’t have the omega-3s and vitamins–only the minerals.
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Accentrate110® for Teens and Adults over 110 lbs

Accentrate110® provides the brain the nourishment it needs to support proper neurotransmitter regulation. The adult brain has similar deficiencies as a child with inattention and emotional dysregulation, so we increased the amount of omega-3s and vitamins to create Accentrate110® in order to meet the nutritional needs of teens and adults weighing over 110lbs.
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Who is Fenix Health Science?

Founded in 2017, Fenix Health Science, LLC. develops nutritional supplements that are specifically formulated to address nutritional concerns related to health issues. It is our goal to develop products that heal without hurting–today and in the future.

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The Science Behind Accentrate®

'ADHD' drawn on paper in colored crayon
It has been shown that people who struggle with attention are more likely to have low levels of certain lipids, specifically certain omega-3 fatty acids, and inattention has been shown to be associated with metabolic disturbances in lipid metabolism.
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